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Smart Shelves Limited Warranty

(applies to all first-quality products manufactured by Smart Furniture)

In addition to covering our products under a 30-Day Satisfication Guarantee, we also offer a lifetime warranty on all Smart Furniture Signature Line of products, including all Smart Shelves components. The warranty ensures that if you ever experience problems with breakage, chipping, discoloration, or any other problems with a Smart Furniture Signature Line product, we will replace the damaged component for free at any time (subject to product availibility; includes the cost of shipping).

To take advantage of our lifetime warranty, we ask that you call our customer service department at (888) 762-7841 to notify us of the problem. If there is a manufacturing defect or the product was damaged in shipping, we may request that you send the product back, so please keep the original packaging until you speak with us.

Please note that this warranty is voided by: (1) use of the product in a tradeshow, (2) products sold as outlet grade (factory seconds), (3) your modification of the structural elements of the product (e.g. drilling, sawing, etc.), (4) any obvious misuse or abuse of the product (to list some: throwing product from an office building, using the product for firewood, or shooting the product), (5) any act of God or a bad person (e.g. theft, fire, earthquake, tornado, flood, hurricane, bombing, or related bad guy attacks).

If you have any questions about our Signature Line lifetime warranty, please call 888-467-6278 or email us at


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