Reaching for Health with Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms: The Centerpiece of Your Ergonomic Office


Monitor Arms:
The Centerpiece of Your Ergonomic Office

By Christian Roemer

Most office workers spend more time looking at their computer monitor than anything else during the workday. A monitor arm ensures that the most integral tool to a worker's day is contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

When sitting at your desk, it's important to understand how your monitor should be positioned in an ideal situation. Here are the three things you should look out for:

  1. Eye Level – The top of your monitor should be right at eye level when properly seated.
  2. Arm's Length – Your monitor should be an arm's length away from your face.
  3. Tilted Slightly Away – The monitor should be perpendicular to your eyes. That means the top of the monitor will be tilted slightly away from you.

E.A.T.—eye level, arm's length, tilted away. Let the big dog EAT.

Now that we know the proper monitor viewing position, you can see how an adjustable monitor arm sets you up for success. Most monitor arms feature an articulating function so that the monitor is always the right distance away, they tilt, and the joints allow you to move the monitor up and down depending on your needs.

Monitor arms literally satisfy every need that proper screen viewing requires.

Sitting with your monitor properly positioned alleviates some of the most common office ailments like:

  1. Eye Strain – With the monitor at the proper distance from your face, you can focus properly on the contents on screen.
  2. Neck Pain – Looking up or down for a long time hurts the muscles and bones in your neck.
  3. Headaches – Less eye strain and proper neck alignment will alleviate the biggest culprits that lead to office headaches and migraines.

Just like your favorite cereal is part of your balanced breakfast, a monitor arm is an important ingredient in your ergonomic office (Office chair, monitor arm, keyboard tray, footrest). Since your computer screen is the centerpiece of your office, the monitor arm is an integral tool to promoting and maintaining bodily health.