Why Shop Smart?

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We want to be the very best place in the world to buy furniture. To do this, we realized early on that we would have to do things our own way if we were to do them right. So below are some of the values that guide us:

Low-Price Guarantee

We promise that we will have the best possible prices on all new, fully-licensed and authentic products. If you find a better legitimate price, please let us know -- call us at 888-467-6278. After recovering from our shock and confusion, we will match the price if we can (plus, we may throw in a free t-shirt or a cookie or something).

Like all authorized retailers of these leading furniture manufacturers, we are restricted by a little thing called "MAP" -- "Minimum Advertised Pricing". The only thing you need to know to get the best price is whether the company is charging MAP. If someone is selling below MAP, that means it is either a fake, used, no warranty, or unauthorized (which usually means fake or used and no warranty). We charge MAP. You will not find a better price.

45-Day Hassle-Free Returns

We buy stuff online, and we understand how some purchases go. You open the packaging, take a gander at the sparkly new product inside ... and sometimes, you're underwhelmed. Don't worry; we're here for you. We'll do our absolute best to make sure that your returns are seamless, easy, and totally straightforward. If you're not completely pleased with your purchase, let us know, and one of us will walk you through our return process. You can e-mail us at customerservice@smartfurniture.com or call 888-762-7841 any time for help.

Learn More About Our 45-Day Return Policy Here.

Free Shipping Whenever We Can

If we can have free shipping, we do. Sometimes certain brands force us to charge for shipping even if we don't want to. We try to make sure that shipping cost isn't something you have to worry about, so it's on the house whenever possible.

We Don't Charge Until Your Order Ships

At SmartFurniture.com, you are able to customize many products to fit your personal styles and preferences. So, many of these products are made to order, and have longer lead times. Many stores charge your credit card as soon as you place your order.

100% Safe & Secure Ordering

We use the latest encryption technology to keep your personal information safe. We use 128-bit Encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the security of your online order information. All your ordering information -- including your name, address, and credit card number -- is encrypted using a secure server for maximum security.

Authenticity Guarantee: No Knock-Offs

At SmartFurniture.com, we only carry the real deal authentic designs, licensed by the original designer. We have designed and produced several of our own products, and we know how hard it is to create something original and useful to others. Because of this (and because we are not scum bags), we will only carry the authentic designs that are real deal.

We Have A Soul

We are real people, most of whom have an ownership stake in our company. So we care, more than usual, that you are treated well. If you ever happen to call, email or chat with us, you will speak with an actual person who works at Smart Furniture in Chattanooga, TN.

We won't outsource your calls to a different company, country or planet. Ever.

We will actually do everything we can to help you. Everyone has had to deal with apathetic companies at some point, and we are here to right their wrongs to you. We are small enough to actually care, and have a team of design specialists and customer service people who know a lot of stuff and really like helping people -- and are pretty good at it. We live, work, and manufacture our signature line in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee. Yes, you may detect an accent, but it's because we're from the South, and everybody here talks funny.

You Will Be Treated With World-Class Customer Service

We strive to provide the best customer service in the world, which sounds cliché, but we're very serious about it -- read this whitepaper we wrote about the service we strive for. We admit that we're not always perfect, but we really try hard to make you happy. Yes, we've won lots of awards for this, but until you experience how hard we try to make you happy, you will have no idea. So give us a chance -- call us, ask us a question, request a custom design, order something crazy.

We care about ethics and integrity. Our team here is small, but dedicated, and we strive to be honest as the day is long, because it pretty much helps everybody. We think you'll appreciate how we do things.

We Actually Make Furniture

We invented Smart Shelves -- with 3 patents and counting, designed it ourselves from scratch. Building on that, and as a result, we respect design, and designers, and have chosen the additional products we offer with great care, as well as an open mind.

We Get To Know Our Products

If you can imagine the time when most companies made things, there are a lot of things people learn about product design, materials, quality, durability, and customer satisfaction that you can only learn by making things. We take notes, so you don't have to.

Design On Demand®

We let you customize things the way you want. We got tired of furniture companies telling customers what is beautiful and what they should buy -- essentially dictating design, so we started Smart Furniture to give people like you a place to personalize a product or space that suits your needs. With a unique selection of products, design tools, and human customer service, we wanted your experience to be better than shopping in a "real" store.

No B.S. Policy: Always Be Honest

This kind of goes back to the Golden-Rule concept of customer service we discussed above, but it was worth emphasizing. Have you ever called a cable company? Or a computer operating system company? Or the DMV? We have. It can quash your faith in humanity. We will try to restore it. We will try to be friendly, efficient, helpful and level with you, all the time, even when we make a mistake.

If you have any questions, please call us (888 467 6278 toll-free) -- we'd love to chat!